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Spartan Plumbing BUsiness: Plumber Services Medford
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We are a licensed plumbing contractor and can work on any project or pluming issue in your home or business.

General Plumbing Contractor Services

Unclog Drains & Pipes

At Spartan Plumbing we use the latest technology to unclog your pipes, drains, or sewer. Having a clogged drain not only means that you are unable to do the dishes or use water for anything, but it may also cause your entire home to smell bad if the problem persists long enough.

A clogged drain is usually not close enough to the surface where over-the-counter tools are going to reach. Sometimes a clogged drain represents a minor problem. The water still drains, but far slower than you would expect. However, other times your water flow may come to a complete stop. Call us when you are experiencing drainage issues and we can help you get it professionally fixed with our qualified plumbers.

Pipe, Sewer, & Leak Inspections

There are several ways to inspect the pipes in your home or commercial building. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business in this field. Our team of qualified plumbers have decades of combined experience in this leak detection.

Hydrostatic Pressure
A hydrostatic pressure test is performed on the building’s sanitary sewer system to determine if there are leaks present in the plumbing system. An inflatable test ball is inserted into building or home main line sewer clean out and is then inflated in order to block or plug the main sewer line.

Video Camera Inspection
The infrared camera is inserted into system through existing clean outs, roof vents, or toilet drains to observe and analyze the condition of a sub-slab drain system.

Combination Testing
This is an isolation testing where we use a combination of sewer video camera inspection and hydrostatic pressure testing to isolate and analyze different areas under a slab sanitary sewer system to pinpoint leak locations.

Frozen Pipes

When you pipes freeze, the plumbing you take for granted becomes a chore. You can forget warm showers, or bathing at all, washing dishes, doing laundry, or using a toilet if there is no plumbing installed in a property. It is common knowledge that when water freezes, it blocks the piping but also expands and can create havoc with your pipes.

In the wintertime, freezing temperatures can jeopardize the structure and functionality of your plumbing pipes. When this happens, you need a professionally trained and licensed pipe repair contractor to save the day!

Water within your piping system can quickly turn to ice sub-freezing temperatures. When the water freezes and creates a blockage and pressure, it will make the pipes burst open, crack, and even break. Even a hairline crack can cause a 250 gallon water leak in just one day’s time! These piping damages can be costly if they are not addressed right away. The best way to avoid costly piping repair is to implement preventative methods to pipe freezing.

Slab Leaks

We have successfully installed new piping, repaired and rerouted, and serviced countless slab leak issues over the years. We take slab leak repair and plumbing services very seriously.

It is important to satisfy each and every customer with proficient repair work so they can continue to live comfortably in their homes. If you have a water leak, slab leak, or other type of plumbing leak, be sure to take immediate action and call a professional plumbing repair company to assess the damage.

Some slab leak issues can be solved within a short amount of time; however, if there is a larger slab leak, immediate and long-term professional attention may be required.

Symptoms of a slab leak can include:

Hot Spots on Floors
Water Leaks
Cracks in Walls or Flooring
Increased Utility Bills
Sound of Running Water
Mildew or Moisture Underneath Carpeting
Reoccurring Wet Spot on Floor

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